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Range Rover Body Shop

The Range Rover is a luxury and expensive car, and the cost of maintaining this car is one of the biggest pain points. Car dealerships like NYCity Automotive have recognized this pain point and have responded by offering what is called car maintenance plans.

A car maintenance plan covers the cost of regular maintenance as outlined in the ownership manual - think oil changes, tire rotation, replacement filters, and many more. To help you know what to look for and consider, check out the following possible benefits of car maintenance plans.


  • You are provided with genuine parts

  • You get the service of qualified technicians

  • Provides you with peace of mind that your car servicing is well taken care of

  • The plan includes all **OEM required services and parts

  • It covers specified wear-and-tear parts

What does maintenance involve?

The first step in car maintenance is to inspect the vehicles for signs of problems. During maintenance, a reliable mechanic will notify you for any potential issues, and won't replace parts that don't need replacement. The general process involves the following procedures.

  • Oil change

  • Replacing filters

  • Pressure check and tire rotation

  • Brake servicing

  • Timing belt inspection

  • Replacing spark plugs and plug wires

  • Checking fluids (brake, transmission, coolant, etc.) and replacing or topping off fluids

Who is authorized to perform the car maintenance? 

It's not only the car dealership that can perform your range rover maintenance; there are plenty of certified auto repair specialists out there who can also have the service performed, and your warranty will remain intact. In this way, you can get quality service while avoiding the premium rates.

How often should a Range Rover be serviced?

Your range rover should be serviced at once a year to keep your vehicle in the best possible condition. However, there are some mileage and age milestones you need to keep in mind. For instance, the distance covered between oil changes. These should be included in the car's manual, along with the tasks to complete.


How much does maintenance plans cost?

The cost of car maintenance varies hugely between dealerships. A small number of Range Rover repair shops charge a single, and fixed price that covers several services while some tailor service plans by models with different periods of cover.


Is car maintenance planning the best option?  

A car maintenance plan is ideal if avoiding irregular costs is a priority for you. However, there's absolutely nothing wrong with the traditional method of servicing your car when needed as long you're prepared to pay for the servicing either annually or by mileage.


Should you buy a plan?

Several factors will determine whether you should buy a maintenance plan. Is the plan convenient for you to pay? Can you negotiate a better-than-retail price? Will prepaying offer you peace of mind? Will the plan give you an incentive to keep your car maintained? You'll have a good sense of whether a maintenance plan is right for you after you consider those factors.

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