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Finding The Right Auto Body Shop in Brooklyn

When your car gets crumpled in a crash, you need to find a reputable auto body shop to restore it and make it as good as new. At NYCity Automotive, we are a leading auto body shop serving Brooklyn for more than 35 years. We service elite dealerships and car drivers throughout the tri-state area. When you want high-quality car repairs, you can count on us for all your auto body needs. That being said, here are some questions to ask when searching for an auto body shop.

What Are the Most Common Auto

Body Repairs?

Fenders, bumpers, and doors are among the most common areas that require repairs. Unfortunately, when you get into an accident, your vehicle may have extensive damage. It is essential to obtain an estimate for repairs so you can get your car fixed as soon as possible. At NYCity Automotive, we provide free estimates, and we work with your insurance company throughout the claim process. Our auto body shop is the one that dealerships and others turn to in the Brooklyn area when they want to make sure that repairs are completed correctly.

How Do I Choose an Auto Body Repair Shop in Brooklyn?

Your car is essential to you, and when it is damaged, you want to be sure that the repair shop completes the work professionally. You need to choose an auto body shop that has the experience and expertise to handle all types of repairs, including the most complex. The most important consideration is that you want your car to look and perform perfectly after the restoration work is complete. You don’t want repair work to lower the value of your auto or make it look like it was in an accident.

What Services Do You Provide?

At NYCity Automotive we are a full-service auto body shop in Brooklyn. We restore your vehicle to its original beautiful condition. We use state-of-the-art computerized unibody frame alignment, automated wheel alignment, exact color matching, and more. We offer highly-detailed post-repair quality inspections to make sure that the work is exceptional. We want to provide complete customer satisfaction. We work with your insurance company to make the process as easy as possible. We provide fast and reliable towing services when needed as well as rental car pick-up and drop off. We provide you with a lifetime warranty on paint and bodywork.

About NYCity Automotive

NYCity Automotive is the number one auto body shop in Brooklyn. We pay attention to detail to ensure that we restore your auto to its original, impeccable condition. We have the expertise, equipment, tools, and experience to provide comprehensive auto body services for all types of vehicles, including luxury cars. We offer a lifetime warranty on paint and bodywork so you will be sure that your vehicle will be fixed properly. We inspect the vehicle after we complete the work to make sure it meets our high standards. At NYCity Automotive, we offer high-quality work, competitive pricing, and friendly, courteous service. Call us today for a free estimate.

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